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10 minutes ago

RE: Email pre-population from external source

Not sure if we'll need any further instruction on how to utilise the encoded ID in links from the new email broadcast tool.
14 minutes ago

Customer invoice

This is a notice that an invoice has been generated on 05/14/2022.
32 minutes ago

Farewell card

Hi everyone, thanks to all who have already signed and contributed to Ellie's leaving card.
55 minutes ago

Weekly cath up

Let's see how your emails performed in the past week.
Pamela - HR
1 hour ago

New starter

I wanted to introduce Alan to you all, who starts today in the Operations Team as our new Global Payroll & Benefits Manager.
2 hours ago

Looking for newsletter analyst

Good morning Brian, I hope you can help with the following. I am looking for somebody who can help us create stronger newsletters.
3 hours ago

You have a Payout!

Please note that it may take a little while for this payment to appear in the Activity section of your account.
5 hours ago

Welcome to CookieYes!

Welcome to CookieYes! Thank you for creating an account with us.
6 hours ago

Congratulations! - and thank you

Thank you so much for continuing to leave no stone unturned in pursuit of new milestones of success.
9 hours ago

Bank Holidays season starts tomorrow

Our office will be closed on these days, as it will also be on Friday 6 May.
1 day ago

External meetings and events

We have updated our external meeting and events protocol. Please have a look at the office board.
Ionos Info
2 days ago

Recommend us to earn attractive commissions

Happy with your product or service? Sign up for the IONOS Referral Program to recommend us to your business partners, friends or family. We'll reward you with attractive commissions when they place an order.
3 days ago

Website change request

Please add video overlay option to microsite header image
Bootstrap Themes
3 days ago

[Bootstrap Themes] New order (123456)!

You've received the following order from alansmith
4 days ago

Greg Smith (Jira) 2

[JIRA] (WEB-1022) Add Full Width Video Content Block to microsites
5 days ago

Hard drive limit

Your hard drive is close to its storage cap. Once exceeded, you can't add new items or sync changes.
Rave Coffee
6 days ago

It's Double Points - ⏰ 24 hours only

Login to your Rave account to place your order and you will automatically earn double points on every $ spent.
7 days ago

John Po (Jira)

Improving slide arrows and indicators on gift impact, testimonial and victories module

Make Dashly Your Own

Set preferences that will be cookied for your live preview demonstration

Color Scheme

Overall light or dark presentation.

Navigation Color

Usually dictated by the color scheme, but can be overriden.

Sidebar behaviour

Standard navigation sizing or minified icons with dropdowns.

Toggle container layout system

Switch your language direction

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