Site config

Configuration settings

Dashly has a global configuration system. You can change the theme settings with a single global javascript object. You can find it in the dashly/theme/config.json file.

    "demoMode": true,
    "theme": "light",
    "sidebarBehaviour": "fixed",
    "navigationColor": "inverted",
    "isRTL": false,
    "isFluid": true

Available options

Option Type Default Description
demoMode Boolean true Set false to remove "Customize" buttons on the demo site. In demo mode you can try all these setting on the website by using the customization panel.
It's highly recommended to change this value to false in live environment!
theme String light This option is for setting up the default color mode (dark, light or system automatic) for your project. Available values:
  • light
  • dark
  • auto
sidebarBehaviour String fixed For setting the sidebar layout. Available values:
  • fixed
  • condensed
  • scrollable
navigationColor String inverted This option is for changing the navigation styling. Available values:
  • default
  • inverted
isRTL Boolean false Use true to make the whole layout RTL (Right to Left). Recommended for languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, or other RTL languages.
isFluid Boolean true Set false to disable fluid mood. This will decrease the container from full width.

Heads up! Modifying config.json requires you to restart any of the currently active webpack tasks.