Extract the zip file you received after purchase and you will find the files and folders listed below:

Folder/file name Description
dashly/theme/dist Generated production files, like HTML, CSS, JS, images and vendor files.
dashly/theme/node_modules Directory where npm installs dependencies (by default the folder is not included)
dashly/theme/src/js This folder contains the all the necessary JavaScript source files (theme, vendor and helpers files) that are processed to dist/assets/js/ folder.
dashly/theme/src/scss This folder contains all project Sass files that are compiled to styles in dist/assets/css/ folder.
dashly/theme/src/images Image assets folder. Organised into subfolders for ease of use. Processed to dist/assets/images/ folder.
dashly/theme/src/favicon Favicon assets folder. Processed to dist/assets/favicon/ folder.
dashly/theme/src/html This folder contains all HTML/Handlebars files that are compiled into HTML in dist folder.
dashly/theme/src/partials This folder contains some HTML/Handlebars files, which are used in src/html.
dashly/theme/dist/docs This folder contains the documentation files. Also available online.
dashly/theme/webpack.config.js Webpack module bundler configuration file.
dashly/theme/package.json List of dependencies and npm information.
dashly/theme/package-lock.json package-lock.json is automatically generated for any operations where npm modifies either the node_modules tree, or package.json.
dashly/theme/config.json Basic configuration file for the website like Demo mode or theme.
dashly/theme/.babelrc This file tells the Babel how we want our code to transpile.
dashly/theme/.browserlistrc The config file to set up target browsers for webpack.
dashly/.gitignore Hides all unnecessary files from Git.
dashly/icons&illustrations Contains 27,500 icons and 209 illustrations for free, exclusively from Dashly.